Someone payed thousands of dollars to pump the MOON price to ~$3 per moon. It’s now back to the still relatively high price of 5 cents per moon on : CryptoCurrency

Here is some 🌙 info, I put the relevant portion in bold:

To earn/store moons you will need to download the reddit mobile app and set up your vault (click on your icon at the top left of the home page). Then you can login to your vault on web once it’s set up.

You earn moons with karma in the community, once a month Reddit submits a list of contributors to the subreddit in order of karma to see who gets what percentage of the issuance. The issuance is scheduled to be 5,000,000 per month dropping 2.5% each month until a max supply of 250,000,000 is hit (including burned moons). Reddit keeps 30%, the mods get 10%, and 10% is reserved for the broader reddit community with the remaining 50% being distributed to contributors. Moons are highly divisible so if you check the total supply on etherscan it will show quadrillions of moons but reddit provides the current supply on the home page if you’re using new reddit on web.

The main purpose for moons is to own a share of the community as well as redeem them for the premium membership, which allows you to change the color of your username, embed gifs in comments, add custom flair, etc. That costs 1,000 moons per month in our sub & 500 bricks per month in r/FortNiteBR (their issuance is half of ours). They also want us to trade them within the community and eventually on uniswap or idex once they transition to mainnet.

Bittrex has expressed interest in listing moons and providing holders with a right to redeem for cash/BTC

People can also tip you moons directly if they like your comment. To tip a user just hit the moon icon next to their username and put the amount of moons you want to send (this feature was removed on iOS because Apple sucks). Another way to tip moons is to go to your vault and hit the send button at the top right, input the username you want to tip + the amount of moons you want to tip and hit send.

You can’t buy moons from reddit (there are some exchanges popping up like xmoon) but they plan to allow you to purchase them with USD so you can redeem them for the premium membership. When you use your moons to buy premium they burn half of them forever, and the other half are re-introduced on the next issuance period. If you buy premium with cash Reddit will burn moons on your behalf.

Moons are now redeemable for coins at a rate of 25 moons/100 coins

Reddit launched the great scaling bake off & proposals just closed last month. OMG network, the Raiden team and many others submitted scaling solutions to reddit for review.

It’s worth mentioning that r/ethtrader’s donuts just got listed on uniswap and broke $0.02 with a $1 million market cap & $100,000 24hr trading volume.

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