Monero and Decred are the new Bitcoin : Monero

Decred is beginning to resemble an affinity scam in my eyes.

Monero does not need Decred. We do not need “governance on the blockchain”. In fact, there are no signs that anyone needs it or that Decred’s voting mechanisms resolve conflict better than the hard fork mechanism blockchains employ today.

While 90% of the Decred shills I’ve interacted with seem to be well-meaning in their intentions, their attempt to package Monero and Decred together into a Batman & Robin relationship seems scammy enough to be called out.

While tacotime may well be the founder of Decred, he did not found Monero. He was one of the 7 core team members who forked the project away from thankful_for_today. This is how Monero does governance. Tacotime has since left the core team and been replaced by binaryFate.

Go out in the world and try to make a name for yourselves. Don’t cling to Monero for validation. And work on your sales pitch, because “blockchain governance” means zero to the person on the street.

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