Kraken got a bank charter in Wyoming : Monero

I don’t know exactly what this means

To quote:

In addition to more products, Kraken Financial will give Kraken the ability to operate in more jurisdictions, Kinitsky said. As a state-chartered bank, Kraken now has a regulatory passport into other states without having to deal with a patchwork state-by-state compliance plan.


Additionally, their Chief Legal Officer, Marco Santori, posted a list of things they hope to offer:

With @Kinitsky at the helm, Kraken hopes to offer:

  • Digital asset custody

  • Checking and savings accounts

  • Wire transfers

  • Trust accounts

  • Online and mobile banking UIs

  • Debit cards

  • Account management services

  • Little chained-up pens; and

  • Deposit verifications


All in all, this will arguably be beneficial to Monero and its ecosystem.

but as afaik the only US-based exchange

Beaxy, Bittrex, and Tagomi (Coinbase subsidiary) are US-based as well and offer Monero. Monero was further listed on both Poloniex and Huobi US before they moved out of the United States.

Additionally, there are five large US-based OTC services that support Monero:

Genesis capital also has Monero available in some form:

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