Chainlink rockets into the top 10, passing EOS, Binance and coin. : CryptoCurrency

I thought this community was better than this….

*sighs, pushes glasses up*

You have to remember where these people come from, the ceo is a known scammer. Look at how many failed startups hes run through. Every single time he takes the investor money and runs.

They only got this deal because Adelyn’s dad (Adelyn is one of the department heads) was red prince during Maos reign. The guy is an oooold party hardliner and holds huge sway. They probably cut him in on the deal for this “blockchain infrastructure 5 year plan”. I mean have you seen Chinese infrastructure? You think the virtual buildout of infrastructure is any less corrupt? No.

tldr; stay away from chainlink, it’s a known p&d scam that is constantly shilled by alt righters and literal neckbeard nazis. You’ll get left holding a bag.

*ends rant*

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