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Chainlink….where do i start.

  1. they used swift and other logos on their marketing misleading people to buy the token.

  2. The team dumps 1million link on heads a month just like Ripple

  3. The only usage is when the chainlink team makes a price feed contract and shoves it down a defi projects throat. Everyone that thinks chainlink has customers. Lets see how many customers stick around when they have to start charging.

  4. you said what went wrong…what went wrong is you are still holding after it went from 30mil to 1.5 billion. The money has been made on link. There are better projects with a hell of a lot more upside.

Do you want me to continue?

5) Chainlink claims to be decentralized yet team holds more than half the supply

6) Chainlink claims to be decentralized but runs every single chainlink oracle contract (what happens if chainlink forgets to fill up eth or link?)

7) Chainlink is all big on “oh were blockchain agnostic” meanwhile there is no other blockchains getting 1/10 the traction as Ethereum. Blockchain agnosticism is a meme.

8) The link token was supposed to be needed due to erc677 transfer and call. Not one customer is using transfer and calls as they are only pulling prices from reference contracts ran by centralized chainlink team.

9). It’s been over a year since main net. The biggest customer is some dopey defi platforms. Yet sergey will use swift and facebook libra on slides.

Shall I continue?

10.). Type in $link on twitter, you won’t find a more cringe community. I keep seeing “we’re so early” from soccer moms from Chattanooga. Meanwhile most OG link holders have moved on.

11.). If Chainlink is doing so well, ask any of the customers for the info on what they are paying to use chainlink. You will never get an answer because they are using for free. They have to pay by advertising they use and pay for chainlink.

12. Meanwhile none of the “sponsors” have to even hold the link token…so what’s the point?

13. Speaking of link token many think they will get to stake their link, they won’t. Staking may come to the pre-selected nodes but it won’t mean much to the 99% of holders.

14. Speaking of 21 nodes, why only 21? There are 100+ more on chainlink node listing sites that still to this day don’t have any usage. Meanwhile those operators are losing money in infrastructure costs…muh demand

Shall i go on?

15. They are partnered with the CCP now and have clearly put all of their focus on pleasing Xi. You think it’s still decentralized if chinas using it?

16. They work in the shadows and always say “check the pivotal tracker” then just randomly release stuff.

17. Speaking of the pivotal…There’s no tasks at all anymore and staking isn’t even live

18. The CEO uses buzzwords and talks about the price going “vertical” for years in many presentations

19. The CEO used the exact same slides for 3 years and always Justin Sunn’d the price up before presentations and dumped 700k tokens (then) and 1.2MM tokens (now)

Do you want me to continue?

20. They went from having meetings in basements with 20 nobodies to doing poorly done YouTube Q&As with projects no one cares about.

21. They keep promoting their VFR random number generator as revolutionary. This has already been done on Etherum and ETH’s is ACTUALLY random

22. Peeling back the layers of the GitHub you see they really just used random() which is built into solidity

23. Their oracle’s are the center of the project and have already been reverse engineered by much more advanced teams like Band and RLC

24. They spend over 2MM dollars a week on a small team of people with no CS background to build programs to order pizza.

(Yes seriously)

25. The CEO dresses in the same plaid shirt for every speech to appear as a Steve jobs charter but is seen in plain clothing out in public Should I continue?

26. For such a “qualified” group of computer scientist they’re website was pieced together using stolen squarespace templates and writtled with spelling errors


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