BZRX Token Unlocks Tomorrow : CryptoCurrency

Every user who interacts with bZx products will earn BZRX. The token will capture value from fee sharing, balancer fees and BAL Rewards.

It can be redeemed for a basket of assets from the insurance fund, or staked for governing bZxDAO.

Critics will point out that bZx was hit by flash loan attacks in February 2020. However, the insurance fund prevented the users from taking a loss.

Prior to the attacks, bZx was the #2 defi project after Compound (in terms of DAI locked). The team knows how to grow a project. They are going to pump the token hard to attract deposits from Liquidity Providers.

Most of the supply will be locked into 4 year vesting with a 6 month cliff. Only 140 million tokens will unlock tomorrow, and a large portion of that will be held for staking. A price of $3+ is entirely possible.

Get ready for the launch

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