is a Scam crypto-news website. : CryptoCurrency

There has been an email-phishing scam happening to the Stellar community and other crypto communities lately.

Documented here on r/CryptoCurrency couple of days ago:

and on r/Stellar:

This is the website link:

(SCAM ARTICLE) www. the-blockchain. com/2020/06/26/stellar-unfurls-community-staking-marathon/ (SCAM ARTICLE)

Within a couple hours of being notified of an email-phishing scam happening to community members, I Googled ‘Stellar news’. To my shock, this random website ‘’ was near the top with a new post made ‘2 hours ago’ (no images my bad). The website link is the page I posted above. If you Google ‘Stellar news’ now, you can’t even find it. The webpage with the spoofed account viewer is still live however.

It’s clear this website is a scammer website that is used by the same email-phishing scammers. No one would be dumb enough to re-post a scam article without actually partaking in the scam and/or realizing that the free lumens it’s promoting simply empties your wallet the second you post your secret key in the input field.

This is not only a post to call-out the recent scam happening and to watch out for further scams, but this post is to highlight the fact that scammers will use ‘news websites’ to further their own scams and garner trust faster.

Stay safe everyone.

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