Watch out with "Coinzoom" (possible scam).

Lately a bunch of people are suddenly telling everyone to look into coinzoom.

Made me wonder, is it really that popular? Or is it blatant shilling from a company using multiple accounts?

A couple days ago I ran into the first comment from Coinzoom. (Red in screenshots)

Doesnt seem suspicious at all

I checked their profile and surprise, surprise, after that comment they had a question about Coinzoom.

Now you dont have to be a detective to see the similarities. When looking at their profiles they were dormant for a long time, and suddenly became active. All accounts talk just about coinzoom. Dont believe me?

I have three accounts to show you




By the way, I found those within two minutes.

I already messaged mods of this sub, but they are too busy I guess. Which is why I made this separate post as a warning.

Dont believe anything said here and certainly dont deposit your crypto in sketchy companies that use marketing like this. Not a single user posted here disclaimed that they work for Coinzoom.

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