The IOTA Foundation announces the Unified Identity protocol. Decentralized Identity for people, organizations and things. : CryptoCurrency

Hey! This is my first blog under the IOTA Foundation and I would love to receive feedback on this exact point. My idea was, we just release a full whitepaper of information regarding the Unified Identity Protocol, but not everybody understands how that impacts their respective industries. So now that we have released a whitepaper, one of our next goals is to describe use cases in different industries to inspire people in those industries to experiment with Decentralized Digital Identities.

Since I work at a Foundation, transparency is more important than normal, so I personally like to share what the plans are. This specific promise was purely for transparency and also to make sense of the call to action where I ask the community to submit use case examples which might be interesting for the blog posts.

However, I know that some people find that the IOTA Foundation makes to many of such promises. So what exactly would you prefer? Transparency which includes promises that will take some time to deliver or secrecy where you have no idea what is going on until we release it? Honest question.

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